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Collected Works of Velimir Khlebnikov, Volume I: Letters and Theoretical Writings

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Publication Date: 01/01/1987

452 pages

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Collected Works of Velimir Khlebnikov


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  • Introduction: Velimir Khlebnikov
  • I. Letters
    • Questionnaire
    • Autobiographical Note
    • Self-Statement
    • From Journals
    • From Notes from the Past
  • II. Theoretical Writings
    • Introduction: Kindred Spirits
    • 1. Nature
      • “Let them read on my gravestone”
      • “On finding a cuckoo”
      • Ornithological Observations in the Pavdinsk Preserve
      • An Attempt to Formulate a Concept in the Natural Sciences
    • 2. Russia
      • Slavs!
      • Who are the Ugrorussians?
      • About the Brodniki
      • The Burial Mound of Sviatagor
      • Monuments
      • Roar about the Railroads
      • A Friend in the West
      • “We want a word maiden”
      • “We accuse the older generation”
      • Poems by Thirteen Springs
      • Expanding the Boundaries of Russian Literature
      • The Word as Such
      • The Letter as Such
      • Polemical Remarks of 1913
      • ! Futurian
      • On the Usefulness of Studying Fairy Tales
    • 3. Language
      • “Let us consider two words”
      • “Here is the way the syllable so is a field”
      • “The ear of the philologist detects”
      • Teacher and Student
      • Two Individuals
      • “The warrior of the kingdom”
      • Oleg and Kazimir
      • On the Simple Names of Language
      • Z and Its Environs
      • Analyzing the Word
      • A Little Introductory Dictionary of Single-Syllable Words
      • A Checklist: The Alphabet of the Mind
      • A Second Language
    • 4. Visions of the Future
      • The Trumpet of the Martians
      • A Letter to Two Japanese
      • Lalia Rides a Tiger
      • An Appeal by the Presidents of Planet Earth
      • Letter to Grigory Petnikov
      • Outline for a Public Lecture and Discussion
      • “We, the Presidents of Planet Earth”
      • An Indo-Russian Union
      • Asiaunion
      • Swanland in the Future
      • Ourselves and Our Buildings
      • Proposals
      • The Head of the Universe
      • Artists of the World
      • On Poetry
      • On Contemporary Poetry
      • Our Fundamentals
      • The Radio of the Future
      • A Cliff out of the Future
      • From the Notebooks
      • The Wheel of Births
      • Order from the Presidents of Planet Earth
      • “There is a phrase”
      • Excerpt from the Tables of Destiny
      • Everyone, Everywhere, Attention!
    • 5. Journalism
      • The Union of Inventors
      • Opening of the People’s University
      • Opening of an Art Gallery
      • The Astrakhan Gioconda
  • Index of Khlebnikov Titles
  • General Index

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