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Keywords in Evolutionary Biology

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ISBN 9780674503137

Publication Date: 08/19/1998


6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

15 line illustrations


  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributors
  • Introduction [Evelyn Fox Keller and Elisabeth A. Lloyd]
  • ADAPTATION: Historical Perspectives [Richard M. Burian]
  • ADAPTATION: Current Usages [Mary Jane West-Eberhard]
  • ALTRUISM: Theoretical Contexts [Alexander Rosenberg]
  • ALTRUISM: Contemporary Debates [David Sloan Wilson and Lee A. Dugatkin]
  • ALTRUISM: Some Theoretical Ambiguities [Marcy K. Uyenoyama and Marcus W. Feldman]
  • CHARACTER: Historical Perspectives [Lindley Darden]
  • CHARACTER: Current Usages [Kurt Fristrup]
  • COMMUNITY [Peter Taylor]
  • COMPETITION: Historical Perspectives [Robert McIntosh]
  • COMPETITION: Current Usages [Evelyn Fox Keller]
  • DARWINISM [Michael Ruse]
  • ENVIRONMENT [Robert N. Brandon]
  • EPISTASIS [Michael J. Wade]
  • EUGENICS [Daniel J. Kevles]
  • EVOLUTION [Robert J. Richards]
  • EXTINCTION [John Damuth]
  • FITNESS: Historical Perspectives [Diane Paul]
  • FITNESS: Theoretical Contexts [John Beatty]
  • FITNESS: Reproductive Ambiguities [Evelyn Fox Keller]
  • GENE: Historical Perspectives [Jane Maienschein]
  • GENE: Current Usages [Philip Kitcher]
  • GENETIC LOAD [James F. Crow]
  • GENOTYPE AND PHENOTYPE [Richard C. Lewontin]
  • GROUP SELECTION [David Sloan Wilson]
  • HERITABILITY: Historical Perspectives [Michael J. Wade]
  • HERITABILITY: Some Theoretical Ambiguities [Marcus W. Feldman]
  • HETEROCHRONY [Stephen Jay Gould]
  • HETEROSIS [Diane Paul]
  • HOMOLOGY [Michael J. Donoghue]
  • INDIVIDUAL [David L. Hull]
  • LAMARCKISM [Peter J. Bowler]
  • MACROMUTATION [Michael R. Dietrich]
  • MONOPHYLY [Elliott Sober]
  • NATURAL SELECTION: Historical Perspectives [M. J. S. Hodge]
  • NATURAL SELECTION: Current Usages [John A. Endler]
  • NEUTRALISM [Motoo Kimura]
  • NICHE: Historical Perspectives [James R. Griesemer]
  • NICHE: A Bifurcation in the Conceptual Lineage of the Term [Robert K. Colwell]
  • PARSIMONY [Elliott Sober]
  • PROGRESS [Richard Dawkins]
  • RANDOM DRIFT [John Beatty]
  • RESOURCE [Peter Abrams]
  • SEXUAL SELECTION: Historical Perspectives [Helena Cronin]
  • SEXUAL SELECTION: Contemporary Debates [Hamish G. Spencer and Judith C. Masters]
  • SPECIES: Historical Perspectives [Peter F. Stevens]
  • SPECIES: Theoretical Contexts [John Dupré]
  • SPECIES: Current Usages [Mary B. Williams]
  • TELEOLOGY [James G. Lennox]
  • UNIT OF SELECTION [Elisabeth A. Lloyd]
  • References
  • Index

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