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The Future of Quantum Physics

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$40.00 • £32.95 • €36.00

ISBN 9780674504646

Publication Date: 10/03/2016


272 pages

5 x 7-1/2 inches

19 line illustrations


Von Baeyer offers a sensible approach to this seemingly esoteric world… He has an enthusiastic presentation and style that sweeps the reader along into the world of quantum physics and makes sense of it.—Ralph Peterson, Manhattan Book Review

QBism should be applauded as a breeding ground of ideas for multiple disciplines including physics, philosophy, and mathematics, and von Baeyer’s book offers an account accessible to all… [It] provide[s] an outstanding introduction to two of the key components of QBism (quantum theory and subjective Bayesianism), and places the reader into the mind of the QBist in a way that will aid the ongoing debate over its merit. It is a worthwhile read.—Kelvin J. McQueen, Quantum Times

QBism remains controversial, but scientifically inclined readers will share von Baeyer’s enthusiasm and come away with a feeling, if not a deep understanding, of quantum phenomena that doesn’t require suspension of disbelief.Kirkus Reviews

Hans Christian von Baeyer has done a wonderful job with this book. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn QBism twice in my life. The first time, it was the hard way, as colleagues and I battled out every nuance of the forming theory, always testing and retesting, tearing down and reconstructing—we had to turn our world upside down to get there. But the second time was pure pleasure as I learned the subject afresh from Professor von Baeyer’s masterful articulation of it. So many of his turns of phrase are insightful gems I never could have formulated myself. Now for the first time I believe I know how to teach the subject, and there is no better understanding one can have than that!—Christopher A. Fuchs, Professor of Physics, University of Massachusetts Boston, and key architect of QBism

Physicists all agree on how to do calculations using quantum mechanics and disagree markedly on what those calculations really mean. With his customary humor and elegance, Professor von Baeyer walks us through one of the more recent attempts to understand the mysterious world inside the atom.—James Trefil, Professor of Physics, George Mason University, and the author of Science in World History

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