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The Invention of God

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ISBN 9780674504974

Publication Date: 12/14/2015

Academic Trade

320 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

10 line illustrations, 8 maps, 2 tables


Römer, a distinguished scholar rather than an ideologue, seeks to determine exactly what is historical and exactly what is not in the depiction of God. This is a brilliant book.—Robert A. Segal, Times Higher Education

Römer is interested in the emergence of a deity whose nature is now so familiar that its startling originality no longer startles.—Brian Bethune, Maclean’s

Römer presents a scholarly and provocative account of how a minor tribal deity likely grew to become—or revealed himself to be—Lord of Creation.—David O’Reilly, The Philadelphia Inquirer

It reads very well, is well translated and has a bit of the excitement of discovery for engaged readers.—John C. Endres and Jean-François Racine, America

[An] excellent book… A masterly work of historical detection that looks at the evolution of Jewish faith from the Bronze Age to the Hellenic period. This is a superb work of scholarship.—Paul Richardson, The Church of England Newspaper

Römer is the first to have brought all the relevant material together in such an accessible form, setting out both literary and archaeological evidence clearly and readably.—John Barton, Church Times

Römer deftly weaves together evidence from the Bible with extra-biblical archeological finds that mention Israel and Yhwh to outline the development of monotheism… Not until Jerusalem’s destruction in 587 BCE did Yhwh become the universal, monotheistic god untied to place or particular monarch, the god who was later adopted by Christians and Muslims. Römer writes with clarity and accuracy and tells a compelling story. This book is a masterful work, tying together an enormous amount of information in a concise format.Publishers Weekly (starred review)

There is nothing quite like this book in English. The Invention of God traces the history of the God of Israel from the late Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period, charting the rise of Yhwh as the sole God. The period covered is vast, the thesis is provocative and stimulating, and the scholarship is cutting-edge.—Timothy Lim, University of Edinburgh

Römer is a sure-footed guide to what is often a difficult discussion. A learned and elegant book.—Nathan MacDonald, University of Cambridge

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