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Labor in the South

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  • Part I. Institutional Setting and General Development
    • I. The Institutional Setting
    • II. General Developments and Problems of Unions before 1928
  • Part II. Development of Unions by Trade and Industry before 1932
    • III. Printing and Building Trades
    • IV. Railroad Workers and Longshoremen
    • V. Coal Miners and Textile Workers
    • VI. Agricultural and Lumber Workers
    • VII. Revolt of the Textile Workers
    • VIII. The 1930 AFL Organizing Campaign
  • Part III. The Depression and the New Deal
    • IX. Coal Mining
    • X. Communists, Socialists, and Sharecroppers
    • XI. Textile and Clothing Workers
    • XII. Growth of CIO Unions
    • XIII. Growth of AFL Unions
  • Part IV. War and Postwar Development
    • XIV. World War II
    • XV. Operation Dixie
    • XVI. Organizing Experiences after Operation Dixie
    • XVII. Paper, Coal, and Agricultural Workers
  • Part V. Union Growth in the South: Status, Causes, and Prospects
    • XVIII. Quantitative Aspects of Union Membership in the South
    • XIX. Factors Influencing Union Growth in the South
    • XX. Industrial Development and the Law
    • XXI. The Unions and the Workers
    • XXII. The Future of Unions in the South
  • Notes
  • Index

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