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The Langurs of Abu

Female and Male Strategies of Reproduction

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ISBN 9780674510586

Publication Date: 01/01/1980


361 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

61 halftones, 45 tables


  • 1. Opponent Consorts
  • 2. Langurs through the Eyes of Humans
  • 3. A Highly Adaptable Colobine
    • Given a Colobine
    • The Flexible Hanuman
    • Langur Troop Dynamics
    • Genetic Consequences of Langur Troop Structure
    • Reproductive Features of the Limiting Sex
  • 4. Mount Abu and Its Langurs
    • Morbidity and Causes of Mortality
    • Identifying Individuals
    • Aging a Langur
    • Cast of Characters
    • Pros and Cons of a Social Existence
  • 5. Larder, Nursery, and Seraglio
    • The Seasonal Menu
    • Encounters between Troops
    • The Pros and Cons of Male Invasion Strategies
    • The Curious Case of Adulterous Solicitations
    • Summary of Territorial Options
  • 6. Competition among Females
    • Insiders and Outsiders
    • In-House Squabbles
    • The Female Displacement Hierarchy
    • Correlates of Female Rank
    • Egoistic Young Females and Their “Altruistic” Elders
  • 7. The Puzzle of Langur Infant-Sharing
    • The “Learning-to-Mother” Hypothesis
    • The Langur Case: Methods and Subjects
    • Information Gathering
    • Costs and Potential Benefits to the Infant
    • Attractive, Available, but Not Necessarily Related Infants
    • Brutal Multiparas and Solicitous, Wary Nulliparas
    • Cooperation and Exploitation
  • 8. Infanticidal Males and Female Counter-Strategists
    • Struggle for Control of the Hillside and Bazaar Troops
    • Splitear’s Ouster from Toad Rock Troop
    • Fission in the I.P.S. Troop
    • Population Density, Political Change, and Infanticide
    • The Evolution of Infanticide
    • Female Counter-Strategies
    • Infant Counter-Strategies
    • Infanticide as a Primate Reproductive Strategy
  • 9. Two Different Species
    • Growing Up a Langur
    • The Reproductive Years
    • Concurrent and Conflicting Interests between the Sexes
  • Appendix 1. Plants Used by Langurs
  • Appendix 2. Weights of Hanuman Langurs at Mount Abu, Jodhpur, and Melemchi
  • Appendix 3. A Numerical Method for Estimating Coefficients of Relationship in a Langur Troop, by Jon Seger
  • Appendix 4. Average Male Tenure at Abu
  • Additions to the Bibliography, 1980
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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