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Leadership in the Modern Presidency

Edited by Fred I. Greenstein

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ISBN 9780674518551

Publication Date: 02/24/1995


440 pages

6 x 9-1/4 inches


Related Subjects

  • Introduction: Toward a Modern Presidency [Fred I. Greenstein]
  • 1. Franklin D. Roosevelt: The First Modern President [William E. Leuchtenburg]
  • 2. Harry S. Truman: Insecurity and Responsibility [Alonzo L. Hamby]
  • 3. Dwight D. Eisenhower: Leadership Theorist in the White House [Fred I. Greenstein]
  • 4. John F. Kennedy: The Endurance of Inspirational Leadership [Carl M. Brauer]
  • 5. Lyndon B. Johnson: Paths Chosen and Opportunities Lost [Larry Berman]
  • 6. Richard M. Nixon: The Corporate Presidency [Joan Hoff-Wilson]
  • 7. Gerald R. Ford: A Healing Presidency [Roger Porter]
  • 8. Jimmy Carter: The Politics of Public Goods [Erwin C. Hargrove]
  • 9. Ronald Reagan: The Primacy of Rhetoric [William K. Muir, Jr.]
  • 10. Nine Presidents in Search of a Modern Presidency [Fred I. Greenstein]
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