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Lessons from Privilege

The American Prep School Tradition

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ISBN 9780674525535

Publication Date: 01/12/1998


320 pages

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Powell explores the distinct traditions of independent schools that have made them so successful over the years. There are lessons here for independent schools, but the author hopes these lessons will also be useful in shaping public school reform. At the heart of the book is Powell’s argument that the sense of community at independent schools instills passion and commitment in the students, faculty, and administration--and that this commitment is at the heart of a good education.Independent School

Citing recent research findings clearly and persuasively, Powell asserts that troubled public school systems can use ’private school-like’ strategies such as team teaching and intensive college counseling to rejuvenate their programs. Extracts from interviews with students and private school staff members enliven this popularly written narrative, which will have strong appeal for lay parents as well as educators.Library Journal

This book will rank with Powell’s earlier work, The Shopping Mall High School, as a classic on American schools. [Powell] unveils the inner workings of tradition that seemingly favor private schools over their public counterparts. But with this peek into the world of educational advantage, he also acquaints readers with principles that can enliven any school. This is a scholarly piece that is easy on the eyes.Educational Leadership

Powell’s title and theme reach for a wider audience than the relatively small one found in independent schools...Lessons from Privilege is refreshing in its candor.American Scholar

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