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Life with Two Languages

An Introduction to Bilingualism

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ISBN 9780674530928

Publication Date: 01/01/1984


384 pages

6 x 9-1/4 inches

1 map, 9 line illustrations


The volume is written in a highly readable, enjoyable style. The coverage is broad and quite comprehensive, with a wide range of examples from different countries and cultures… The message concerning what natural bilingual behavior is like for most bilinguals comes through strongly and impressively. It is this then which holds the book together and which makes it a unique contribution among writings on bilingualism.—Ellen Bouchard Ryan, Bilingual Review

[This book] is virtually indispensable to anyone already interested in language politics… [Grosjean] has assembled a great deal of valuable and often intriguing data and organized it clearly.Chicago Reader

What this book conveys is the incredible variety of ways in which an individual or a nation can be bilingual… Grosjean’s book treats the multiple facets of bilingual experience in thought-provoking, wonderful, and lucid prose. Students and general readers, monolingual and bilingual alike, stand to gain new perspectives from reading this excellent comprehensive introduction.—Loraine K. Obler, Contemporary Psychology

Anyone interested in the distinctly personal aspects of bilingualism will find it rewarding to dip into this survey; he is bound to discover a good deal that has escaped his own attempts.—W. Haas, The Times Literary Supplement

Grosjean has written a very comprehensive review of the field that is both conceptually sound and entertaining. The book will undoubtedly inform, perhaps provoke and…entertain its readers.—Fred Genesee, McGill University

François Grosjean has undertaken a truly formidable task—to give the serious student and the earnest layman some insight into what a generation of intense research has taught us about bilinguals and bilingualism. The book manages to combine a very personal touch, which one feels everywhere as growing out of the author’s own experience as a bilingual, with wide reading in the many fields of research that bear on the problems of bilingualism.—Einar Haugen, Professor of Scandinavian Language and Linguistics, Emeritus, Harvard University

[Life with Two Languages] contains a wealth of interesting information which, to my knowledge, has not been put together in one source before—particularly in such a cogent and succinct manner…a thoroughly enjoyable treatment of the phenomenon of bilingualism.—C. Richard Tucker, Director, Center for Applied Linguistics

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