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The Life of Washington

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  • Introduction by Marcus Cunliffe
  • Note on the Text
  • 1. Introductory
  • 2. Birth and Education
  • 3. George’s Father Dies—His Education Continued by his Mother—His Behaviour under Schoolmaster Williams
  • 4. George Leaves School—Is Appointed a Private Surveyor to Lord Fairfax, of the Northern Neck—Wishes to Enter on Board of a British Man of War—Providentially Prevented by His Mother—The First Lightnings of His Soul to War
  • 5. French Encroachments on the Ohio—Washington Volunteers His Services to Governor Dinwiddie—His Hazardous Embassy to the French and Indians—Miraculous Escapes—Account of His Journals—Anecdote of His Modesty
  • 6. The French and Indian War Begins—Washington Goes Forth to Meet the Dangers of His Country—Aims a Blow at Fort Du Quesne—Fails—Gallant Defence of Fort Necessity—Retires from the Service in Disgust—Pressed into It Again by General Braddock—Defeat and Death of Braddock, and Dreadful Slaughter of His Army
  • 7. Fateful Effects of Braddock’s Defeat—Washington Wishes to Carry the War into Indian Country—Government Refuses—Defensive War Preferred—The Frontiers Desolated
  • 8. Washington’s Mother Has a Very Curious Dream—It Points to Great Coming Troubles—A Cloud Rising in England—The Causes of the Revolutionary War
  • 9. Battle of Bunker’s Hill—Of Sullivan’s Island—Declaration of Independence—Defeat of the Americans on Long Island—Howe Looks Big—Times Squally
  • 10. Lord North Coming to His Senses, Sends Commissioners to America—Clinton Evacuates Philadelphia—Washington Pursues Him—Battle of Monmouth—Arnold’s Apostacy—André Apprehended—Executed—His Character
  • 11. Washington Again on His Farm—Sketch of His Conduct There—Suggests the Importance of Inland Navigation—Companies Forming—Urges a Reform of the Old Constitution—Appointed President of the United States—Great Difficulties to Encounter—Gloriously Surmounts Them
  • 12. The Death of Washington
  • 13. Character of Washington
  • 14. Washington’s Character Continued—His Benevolence
  • 15. Washington’s Character Continued—His Industry
  • 16. Washington’s Character Continued—His Patriotism
  • Conclusion—Washington’s Will

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