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The Limits of Social Policy

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ISBN 9780674534438

Publication Date: 08/25/1988


224 pages

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The Limits of Social Policy is must reading for the domestic policy makers, regardless of party, who will presume rather rapidly after they capture the White House that their capacity to mold American society knows no bounds if only they can pull the right political levers in Washington.The New York Times Book Review

[This] is a book about the policy process itself, about the necessary shortcomings of grand proposals and the influences on policy. And, characteristically for Mr. Glazer, it is pragmatic, thorough and evenhanded… The Limits of Social Policy will be discouraging reading for all those people—liberal, moderate or even conservative—who fondly believe that it is possible to devise and implement a national social policy that will sharply reduce poverty and distress. That is precisely why they should read it.The Wall Street Journal

A theoretical work of surpassing practicality. This will be the text on social policy for the eighties. Yes, there are limits, but they are well beyond our present horizons. Glazer summons us to try once more, and to do better this time.—Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan

These essays confirm Nathan Glazer’s role as one of the most prominent and provocative social thinkers. His views ought to be heard by all sides of the public policy debate.—David Ellwood, author of Poor Support

Nathan Glazer’s long-held distinction in the study of social policy in America is once more reaffirmed in this fascinating volume. The book sparkles with fresh material and also fresh, coruscating insights.—Robert Nisbet

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