Cover: The Making of the New Deal: The Insiders Speak, from Harvard University PressCover: The Making of the New Deal in PAPERBACK

The Making of the New Deal

The Insiders Speak

Edited by Katie Louchheim

Foreword by Frank Freidel

Notes by Jonathan Dembo

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$46.50 • £37.95 • €42.00

ISBN 9780674543461

Publication Date: 01/01/1984


416 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

12 halftones


  • Foreword by Frank Freidel
  • Preface
  • 1. The Campaign Trail in 1932 [Warner B. Ragsdale, Dorothy Rosenman]
  • 2. The President and the Press [Richard Lee Strout, Kenneth Crawford]
  • 3. Clerks of the Court on Justice Holmes [Thomas Corcoran, Alger Hiss, Donald Hiss, James H. Rowe, Jr.]
  • 4. Clerks of the Court on the Justices [Herbert Wechsler, Joseph L. Rauh, Jr., Edward F. Prichard, Jr., David Riesman]
  • 5. The Solicitor General [Robert L. Stern, Charles A. Horsky, David A. Morse, Paul A. Freund]
  • 6. The Draftsmen [Frank Watson, Joseph L. Rauh, Jr., Kenneth Crawford]
  • 7. From Hoover to Roosevelt [Milton Katz]
  • 8. The Trial of Richard Whitney [Gerhard A. Gesell]
  • 9. The Securities and Exchange Commission [Milton V. Freeman, Francis Thornton Greene, Charles R. Kaufman]
  • 10. The Advent of Social Security [Wilbur J. Cohen, Thomas H. Eliot]
  • 11. Madame Secretary [Gerard D. Reilly]
  • 12. The Relief Programs and Harry Hopkins [Elizabeth Wickenden, Arthur Goldschmidt]
  • 13. The Minimum Wage and the Wagner Act [Leon H. Keyserling]
  • 14. The National Labor Relations Board [Thomas L. Emerson, Paul M. Herzog]
  • 15. The Douglas–Fortas Odyssey [Abe Fortas]
  • 16. The Tennessee Valley Authority [Henry Hamill Fowler]
  • 17. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration [Alger Hiss, Telford Taylor, John C. Drier]
  • 18. The Curmudgeon: Harold Ickes [Arthur Goldschmidt, Leona B. Gerard]
  • 19. The Black Cabinet [Robert C. Weaver, Charlotte Moton Hubbard]
  • 20. The Economists [Walter S. Salant, Edward M. Bernstein, John W. Pehle, Willard L. Thorp, Robert R. Nathan]
  • 21. The Anonymous White House Assistants [James H. Rowe, Jr.]
  • 22. Speaker Rayburn [Richard W. Bolling]
  • 23. The National Youth Administration [Lady Bird Johnson]
  • 24. Eleanor Roosevelt [Claude D. Pepper]
  • Biographies of Contributors
  • Biographical Notes
  • Index

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