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Changing the Subject

Philosophy from Socrates to Adorno

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ISBN 9780674545724

Publication Date: 10/23/2017


368 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches


Combines polyglot philological rigor with supple intellectual sympathy, and it is all presented—as Geuss puts it—hilaritatis causa, or in a spirit of fun… This bracing and approachable book [demonstrates] that there is life in philosophy yet.—Jonathan Rée, The Times Literary Supplement

If one of philosophy’s crucial tasks is to snap us out of complacency and re-frame the parameters of debate, then there is always scope for a roll call of practitioners who have particularly enjoyed inspiring the ‘moment when the gears shift.’ Raymond Geuss defines his splendid book as an ‘intellectually relaxed, essayistic introduction’ to the rule-benders. Big names predominate—Montaigne, Hobbes, Hegel, Nietzsche, et al—but Geuss, who wears his expansive learning lightly, has interesting things to say about them all.The Catholic Herald

Exceptionally engaging… All of the book’s chapters exhibit an unusually deep understanding of the thinkers they cover. Like a good teacher of philosophy, Geuss goes straight to what he takes to be the heart of the systems of thought he means to explain, without getting lost in scholarly details… Geuss has a remarkable knack for putting even familiar thinkers in a new light… A perfect remedy for harried professional philosophers…[who] sometimes forget why they fell in love with philosophy in the first place.—Frederick Neuhouser, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Geuss is something like the consummate teacher, his analyses navigable and crystal, his guidance on point.—Doug Phillips, The Key Reporter

Changing the Subject is the fruit of a long lifetime mastering the subject, and so demonstrates much more than an impressive breadth of scholarship: the work’s structure, style, and often trenchant critical evaluations give expression to a genuinely distinctive and distinguished view of the world.—Stephen Mulhall, University of Oxford

Geuss is an astute reader and conveys with remarkable clarity, elegance, and wit some of the essential ideas of the authors whose work he is discussing. His thinking is always fresh and provocative, and arises out of a deep engagement with these philosophers.—Richard Kraut, Northwestern University

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