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Marx’s Attempt to Leave Philosophy

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  • Acknowledgments
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
    • Themes from the Young Hegelians
    • Feuerbach’s and Marx’s Complaint against Philosophy
    • The Interest of These Texts
    • Chapter by Chapter
  • 1. Feuerbach’s Critique of Christianity
    • The Content of the Critique of Christianity
    • The Method of the Critique of Christianity
    • Comparisons
    • The Natural Scientist of the Mind
  • 2. Feuerbach’s Critique of Philosophy
    • The Status of Philosophy
    • The Method of the Critique of Philosophy
    • The Content of the Critique of Philosophy
    • Problems
    • Antecedents
    • Final Comment
  • 3. Bruno Bauer
    • Self-Consciousness
    • State and Civil Society
    • The Critique of Religion
    • Taking the Critic’s Standpoint
    • Assessment
  • 4. The 1844 Marx I: Self-Realization
    • Species Being: Products
    • Species Being: Enjoyments
    • The Human Relation to Objects
    • Species Being: Immortality
    • The Human Self-Realization Activity
  • 5. The 1844 Marx II: The Structure of Community
    • Completing One Another
    • Mediation with the Species
    • Digression on Community
  • 6. The 1844 Marx III: The Problem of Justification
    • The Workers’ Ignorance of Their True Nature
    • The Problem of Justification
    • The Problem of Communists’ Ends and Beliefs
    • Marx’s 1844 Critique of Philosophy
    • The Problem of the Present
  • 7. The Theses on Feuerbach
    • Fundamental Relations/Orientations
    • Thesis Eleven
    • Labor
    • The Practical-Idealist Reading
    • The Problem of the First Step
    • Thesis Six
  • 8. The German Ideology I: More Antiphilosophy
    • Some General Comments
    • The Attack on the Young Hegelians
    • Empirical Verification
    • Antiphilosophy I
    • Antiphilosophy II
    • Transformation
  • 9. The German Ideology II: The Picture of the Good Life and the Change from 1844
    • Division of Labor
    • Community
    • Self-Activity
    • The Change from 1844
  • 10. The German Ideology III: The Critique of Morality (and Return to Philosophy)
    • What Is the Problem with Morality?
    • The Sociological Thesis
    • The Strong Sociological Thesis and the Structural Thesis
    • Morality and Moral Philosophy under Communism
    • Can The German Ideology Justify a Condemnation of Capitalism?
    • Returning to Philosophy
  • Conclusion
  • Notes
  • Index

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