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Medicine Worth Paying For

Assessing Medical Innovations

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Publication Date: 08/18/1998


336 pages

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  • Preface
  • Part A. Background
    • 1. The Nature of the Inquiry [Howard S. Frazier and Frederick Mosteller]
    • 2. Evaluating Medical Technologies [Frederick Mosteller and Howard S. Frazier]
  • Part B. Physician Performance
    • 3. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for Gallstones [Leon D. Goldman]
    • 4. Preserving Vision in Diabetic Retinopathy: The Impact of Laser Treatment [Michael R. Albert and Daniel M. Albert]
    • 5. The Treatment of Unipolar Depression [Howard S. Frazier]
  • Part C. Perverse Financial Incentives
    • 6. Kidney Transplantation [Miriam E. Adams]
    • 7. Epoetin Therapy for Renal Anemia: Health Policy and Quality-of-Life Perspectives [Jennifer F. Taylor]
  • Part D. Patient Empowerment
    • 8. The Control of Postoperative Pain [Jane C. Ballantyne, Daniel B. Carr, Janice Ulmer, Ada Jacox, and Donna Mahrenholz]
  • Part E. Monitoring and Delivering Care
    • 9. Immunization against Measles [Donald N. Medearis, Jr.]
    • 10. Treatment of Hypertension [Sidney Klawansky]
  • Part F. The Delivery of Routine Care: Visual and Dental Health
    • 11. The Contributions of Lenses to Visual Health [Georgianna Marks, Frederick Mosteller, Marie-A McPherson, and Grace Wyshak]
    • 12. Dentistry [Alexia Antczak-Bouckoms and J. F. C. Tulloh]
  • Part G. Quality of Life and Cost-Effectiveness
    • 13. Total Joint Replacement for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis [Jennifer F. Taylor and Elisabeth Burdick]
  • Part H. Unanticipated Effects of Treatment
    • 14. Peptic Ulcer [Thomas C. Chalmers]
    • 15. Oral Contraceptives: Post-Marketing Surveillance and Rare, Late Complications of Drugs [Howard S. Frazier and Graham A. Colditz]
  • Part I. Administrative Innovations
    • 16. Surgery and Anesthesiology [Debra R. Milamed and John Hedley-Whyte]
  • Part J. Conclusions and Recommendations
    • 17. Improving the Health Care System [Frederick Mosteller and Howard S. Frazier]
    • 18. Innovation-Specific Improvements [Frederick Mosteller and Howard S. Frazier]
    • 19. Recommendations for Change [Howard S. Frazier and Frederick Mosteller]
  • References
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Authors
  • Index

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