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Memory Distortion

How Minds, Brains, and Societies Reconstruct the Past

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ISBN 9780674566767

Publication Date: 09/30/1997


6-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches

2 halftones, 13 line illustrations


  • Preface [Gerald D. Fischbach and Joseph T. Coyle]
  • Memory Distortion: History and Current Status [Daniel L. Schacter]
  • I. Cognitive Perspectives
    • The Reality of Illusory Memories [Elizabeth F. Loftus, Julie Feldman, and Richard Dashiell]
    • Constructive Memory and Memory Distortions: A Parallel-Distributed Processing Approach [James L. McClelland]
    • False Beliefs: Some Developmental and Clinical Considerations [Stephen J. Ceci]
  • II. Psychiatric and Psychopathological Perspectives
    • Hypnosis and Suggestion [David Spiegel]
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Psychobiological Mechanisms of Traumatic Remembrance [John H. Krystal, Stephen M. Southwick, and Dennis S. Charney]
    • Mood-congruent Memory Biases in Anxiety and Depression [Susan Mineka and Kathleen Nugent]
  • III. Neuropsychological Perspectives
    • Biological Foundations of Accuracy and Inaccuracy in Memory [Larry R. Squire]
    • Confabulation [Morris Moscovitch]
  • IV. Neurobiological Perspectives
    • Emotional Activation, Neuromodulatory Systems, and Memory [James L. McGaugh]
    • Speculations on the Fidelity of Memories Stored in Synaptic Connections [Rodney A. Swain, Kim E. Armstrong, Thomas A. Comery, Aaron G. Humphreys, Theresa A. Jones, Jeff A. Kleim, and William T. Greenough]
    • Steps toward a Molecular Definition of Memory Consolidation [Ted Abel, Cristina Alberini, Mirella Ghirardi, Yan-You Huang, Peter Nguyen, and Eric R. Kandel]
  • V. Sociocultural Perspectives
    • Some Patterns and Meanings of Memory Distortion in American History [Michael Kammen]
    • Dynamics of Distortion in Collective Memory [Michael Schudson]
    • Ancient Egyptian Antijudaism: A Case of Distorted Memory [Jan Assmann]
  • VI. Concluding Reflections
    • Notes on the Cerebral Topography of Memory and Memory Distortion: A Neurologist’s Perspective [Marek-Marsel Mesulam]
    • Memory Distortion and Anamnesis: A View from the Human Sciences [Lawrence E. Sullivan]
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