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Russian Research Center Studies 90

Mikhail Bulgakov

The Early Years

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Publication Date: 09/15/1998


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Russian Research Center Studies


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Haber’s approach produces a series of thoughtful and enlightening essays on individual works, linked by a shaping idea that is never allowed to contort the analysis. The book is written in the best scholarly style: literary, fresh, fluent and always accessible. It is an indispensable source of up-to-date information and stimulating new ideas for undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers and scholars in the field.—Lesley Milne, Slavonic Review [UK]

This pellucidly written study comprises six chapters of groundbreaking scholarship on Mikhail Bulgakov, one of the most extraordinary modern Russian writers… [The book] is a sensitive panorama of turbulent times peopled with engrossing characters, framed by Bulgakov’s vision and deliberations and especially by his persistent theme of revolution as a loss of home. Haber sensitively analyzes the stylistic and thematic links that run through each and all of Bulgakov’s works, convincingly pulling together seemingly disparate short stories… Haber’s original treatment of satirical novellas is splendid, as are her discussions of Bulgakov’s interweaving of divine and diabolical imagery. Her analysis is based on elegant scholarship and a deep sympathy with her subject. One hopes that Haber will write further on The Master and the Margarita, for her pioneering discoveries about the development of Bulgakov’s oeuvre deserves further development.—Sonia I. Ketchian, Harvard Review

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