Cover: Modernism Reconsidered in PAPERBACK

Harvard English Studies 11

Modernism Reconsidered

Edited by Robert Kiely

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$21.50 • £17.95 • €19.50

ISBN 9780674580664

Publication Date: 11/21/1983


288 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

Harvard English Studies


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  • The Art of Arnold Bennett: Transmutation and Empathy in Anna of the Five Towns and Riceyman Steps [Donald D. Stone]
  • William James and the Modernism of Gertrude Stein [Lisa Ruddick]
  • Contrived Lives: Joyce and Lawrence [Monroe Engel]
  • The Great War and Sassoon’s Memory [Thomas Mallon]
  • Neither Worthy Nor Capable: The War Memoirs of Graves, Blunden, and Sassoon [John Hildebidle]
  • Modernism: The Case of Willa Cather [Phyllis Rose]
  • Jacob’s Room and Roger Fry: Two Studies in Still Life [Robert Kiely]
  • Mr. Carmichael and Lily Briscoe: The Rhythm of Creativity in To The Lighthouse [J. Hillis Miller]
  • Modern/ Postmodern: Eliot, Perse, Mallarmé, and the Future of the Barbarians [Ronald Bush]
  • Instances of Modernist Anti-Intellectualism [Robert Coles]
  • Modernism in History, Modernism in Power [Bruce Robbins]
  • Behind the Door of 1984: “The Worst Thing In The World” [Judith Wilt]

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