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What Money Can’t Buy

Family Income and Children’s Life Chances

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ISBN 9780674587342

Publication Date: 09/15/1998


256 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

7 line illustrations, 48 tables


  • Introduction
  • America’s Response to Poverty
    • From Moral Guidance to Income Support
    • The Cycle Repeats
    • Changes in Government Expenditures on Poor Children
  • How Rich and Poor Children Differ
    • Measures of Children’s Well-Being
    • How Large Are the Differences?
    • Why Parental Income Might Be Important
  • Conventional Estimates of the Effect of Income
    • What Other Studies Show
    • Re-estimating the Conventional Model
    • Changes in Parental Income
  • The “True” Effect of Income
    • The Source of Income
    • Income before and after an Outcome
  • Income and Material Well-Being
    • How Families Spend Additional Money
    • Income and Material Hardship
    • Living Conditions and Children ’s Outcomes
  • Income, Psychological Well-Being, and Parenting Practices
    • Income and Parental Stress
    • Income and Parenting Practices
  • More Evidence on the “True” Effect of Income
    • Trends in Parents’ Income and Children’s Outcomes
    • State Welfare Benefits and Children’s Outcomes
    • What Social Experiments Show
  • Helping Poor Children
    • Raising Parental Income
    • How Much Is Enough?
    • Changing Parents’ Noneconomic Characteristics
    • Where the Trouble Begins
  • Appendix: Description of the Samples and Variables
  • Appendix: Conventional Estimates of the Effect of Income
  • Appendix: The “True” Effect of Income
  • Appendix: Index Construction
  • Appendix: More Evidence on the “True” Effect of Income
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index

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