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Russian Research Center Studies 76

The Dynamics of Soviet Politics

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Publication Date: 01/01/1976

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  • I. Problems And Perspectives
    • 1. Do We Know All There Is to Know about the USSR? [Adam B. Ulam]
  • II. Political Leadership and Power
    • 2. Political Leadership in Soviet Historiography: Cult or Collective? [Nancy Whittier Heer]
    • 3. Permitted Dissent in the Decade after Stalin: Criticism and Protest in Novyi mir, 1955–1964 [Dina Spechler]
    • 4. Toward a Theory of Soviet Leadership Maintenance [Teresa Rakowska-Harmstone]
    • 5. Office Holding and Elite Status: The Central Committee of the CPSU [Robert V. Daniels]
    • 6. The Problem of Succession [John H. Hodgson]
    • 7. Party “Saturation” in the Soviet Union [Jerry F. Hough]
  • III. The Policy Process: Administration and Control
    • 8. The Scientific–Technical Revolution and the Soviet Administrative Debate [Robert F. Miller]
    • 9. The Policy Process and Bureaucratic Politics [Paul Cocks]
    • 10. The Virgin Lands since Khrushchev: Choices and Decisions in Soviet Policy Making [Richard M. Mills]
  • IV. Political Development and Social Change
    • 11. Socialism and Modernity: Education, Industrialization, and Social Change in the USSR [Gail Warshofsky Lapidus]
    • 12. Values and Aspirations of Soviet Youth [Ruth W. Mouly]
    • 13. Modernization, Generations, and the Uzbek Soviet Intelligensia [Donald S. Carlisle]
    • 14. Modernization and National Policy in Soviet Central Asia: Problems and Prospects [Gregory J. Massell]
  • V. Continuity and Change in Foreign Policy
    • 15. Peaceful Coexistence: From Heresy to Orthodoxy [Paul Marantz]
    • 16. Global Power Relationships in the Seventies: The View from the Kremlin [Robert H. Donaldson]
  • VI. Some Reflections
    • 17. Soviet Politics: From the Future to the Past? [Zbigniew Brzezinski]
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