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Harvard Studies in English 18

Mythology and the Romantic Tradition in English Poetry

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Publication Date: 01/01/1969


It is not only the great body of material included in the book that makes it so remarkable. It is the masterly gifts of fresh, lucid, and illuminating analysis of great figures, the firm comments which tie together whole dozens and decades of writers, the vivid thumbnail portraits of the living men who wrote living poetry, the humor, the candor, and the gift of phrasing which make the book delightful to read… This is indeed what John Livingston Lowes calls ‘creative scholarship.’Atlantic Monthly

Mr. Bush’s book is managed with learning, insight, and skill; the classical learning which he here exhibits in its depth and scope has become so rare as to be almost unique among American scholars… The task he has set himself—that of recounting the use of classical myth and story in the romantic tradition—he has done with a learning which few in this day can equal, with an associative memory that constantly supplies him with rich analogies, with an industry which is prodigious, and a subtle and critical insight… His volume is the more valuable for its Appendix, a list of mythological poems from 1680 to the present; an extensive bibliography; and a tremendous number of learned and helpful footnotes.—William Clyde DeVane, Modern Philology

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