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Asia Inside Out

Changing Times

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Asia Inside Out


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  • Map: Mapping Our Asian Connections
  • Introduction: Structuring Moments in Asian Connections [Peter C. Perdue, Helen F. Siu, and Eric Tagliacozzo]
  • 1. 1501 in Tabriz: From Tribal Takeover to Imperial Trading Circuit? [Heidi A. Walcher]
  • 2. 1555: Four Imperial Revivals [Victor Lieberman]
  • 3. 1557: A Year of Some Significance [Peter C. Perdue]
  • 4. 1636 and 1726: Yemen after the First Ottoman Era [Nancy Um]
  • 5. 1683: An Offshore Perspective on Vietnamese Zen [Charles J. Wheeler]
  • 6. 1745: Ebbs and Flows in the Indian Ocean [Kerry Ward]
  • 7. 1874: Tea and Japan’s New Trading Regime [Robert Hellyer]
  • 8. China and India Are One: A Subaltern’s Vision of “Hindu China” during the Boxer Expedition of 1900–1901 [Anand A. Yang]
  • 9. Before the Gangrene Set In: The Dutch East Indies in 1910 [Eric Tagliacozzo]
  • 10. 1956: Bangalore’s Cosmpolitan Pasts and Monocultural Futures? [Andrew Willford]
  • 11. 2008: “Open City” and a New Wave of Filipino Migration to the Middle East [Naomi Hosoda]
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