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The I Tatti Renaissance Library 65

Life and Early Travels

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  • Introduction
  • Francesco Scalamonti, The Life of Cyriac of Ancona
  • Cyriac of Ancona
    • Correspondence
      • 1. Cyriac to Pietro de’ Bonarelli, March 15, 1423
      • 2. Cyriac to Leonardo Bruni, December 13, [1432]
      • 3. Leonardo Bruni to Cyriac, after May 31, 1433
      • 4. Cyriac to Leonardo Bruni, January 30, 1436
      • 5. Cyriac to Leonardo Bruni, after April 7, 1436
      • 6. Poggio Bracciolini to Leonardo Bruni, March 31, 1438
    • The King’s Naval Battle
  • Appendices
    • i. Chronology of Events in Scalamonti’s Life of Cyriac
    • ii. Cyriac’s Drawings of Hagia Sophia
    • iii. Letters of Francesco Filelfo to and about Cyriac, 1427–34
    • iv. Cyriac on the Six Constitutions
    • v. A Letter to Felice Feliciano about Cyriac, 1457
  • Note on the Texts
  • Notes to the Texts
  • Notes to the Translations
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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