Cover: The Nariokotome <i>Homo erectus</i> Skeleton in HARDCOVER

The Nariokotome Homo erectus Skeleton

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Related Subjects

    • 1. Introduction [Richard Leakey and Alan Walker]
  • I. The Site
    • 2. Geologic Setting and Age [Francis H. Brown and Ian McDougall]
    • 3. Microstratigraphy and Paleoenvironments [Craig S. Feibel and Francis H. Brown]
    • 4. Taphonomy [Alan Walker]
    • 5. The Faunal Context [John M. Harris and Meave Leakey]
  • II. The Specimen
    • 6. The Skull [Alan Walker and Richard Leakey]
    • 7. The Postcranial Bones [Alan Walker and Richard Leakey]
    • 8. The Dentition [Barbara Brown and Alan Walker]
  • III. Analytical Studies
    • 9. The Physiological Age of KNM-WT 15000 [B. Holly Smith]
    • 10. The Reconstruction of the Pelvis [Alan Walker and Christopher B. Ruff]
    • 11. Body Size and Body Shape [Christopher B. Ruff and Alan Walker]
    • 12. The Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebrae [Bruce Latimer and Carol V. Ward]
    • 13. The Rib Cage [Lyman M. Jellema, Bruce Latimer, and Alan Walker]
    • 14. The Endocast [David Begun and Alan Walker]
    • 15. The Vertebral Canal [Ann MacLarnon]
    • 16. A Morphometric Study of Facial Growth [Joan T. Richtsmeier and Alan Walker]
    • 17. Perspectives on the Nariokotome Discovery [Alan Walker]
  • A Note on Accession Numbers
  • The Preparation and Casting of the Specimen
  • References
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributors
  • Index

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