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Five Roads to Modernity

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ISBN 9780674603196

Publication Date: 10/15/1993


596 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

5 line illustrations


  • Introduction
  • 1. God’s Firstborn: England
      • Reflection of the National Consciousness in Discourse and Sentiment
      • The New Aristocracy, the New Monarchy, and the Protestant Reformation
      • The English Bible, the Bloody Regiment of Queen Mary, and the Burning Matter of Dignity
      • England as God’s Peculiar People, and the Token of His Love
      • The Sound of Their Voices
      • The Changing Position of the Crown and Religion in the National Consciousness
      • A Land of Experimental Knowledge
  • 2. The Three Identities of France
    • I. The Development of Pre-National French Identity
      • France—a Church, and the Faith of the “Fleur de Lys”
      • Heresy and Its Child
      • The King and His State
    • II. The Social Bases of the Nationalization of French Identity and the Character of the Nascent National Consciousness
      • Turns of the Social Wheel: The Plight of the French Aristocracy
      • The Perilous Escape: Redefinition and Reorganization of the Noblesse
      • The Birth of the French Nation
      • Nation, the Supreme Being
      • Competition with England and Ressentiment
      • A Note on Non-Elite Nationalism
  • 3. The Scythian Rome: Russia
      • Perestroika in the Eighteenth Century
      • The Crisis of the Nobility
      • The West and Ressentiment
      • The Laying of the Foundations
      • Transvaluation of Values: The Crystallization of the Matrix of Russian Nationalism
      • The Two-Headed Eagle
  • 4. The Final Solution of Infinite Longing: Germany
    • I. The Setting
      • The Conception and Miscarriage of Nationalism in the Sixteenth Century
      • The Early Evolution of the Concept of the State
      • The Insouciance of German Nobility prior to the Nineteenth Century
      • Bildungsbürgertum: The Dangerous Class
    • II. The Birth of the Spirit: The Preparation of the Mold for the German National Consciousness
      • Aufklärung
      • Pietism
      • Romanticism
    • III. The Materialization of the Spirit
      • The Impact of the French Revolution
      • The Birth of German Nationalism
      • The Finishing Touch: Ressentiment
      • The Twin Blossoms of the Blue Flower
  • 5. In Pursuit of the Ideal Nation: The Unfolding of Nationality in America
      • America as a New England
      • The Separation
      • A Union Begun by Necessity
      • The Tug-of-War: The Persisting Threat of Secession and the Development of National Unity
      • Inconsistencies and Tensions
      • The Trial and Completion of American Nationality
  • Afterword
  • Notes
  • Index

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