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The New England Mind

From Colony to Province

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ISBN 9780674613010

Publication Date: 04/15/1983

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513 pages

Belknap Press


It is a fascinating tale. As Miller tells it, it involves the most exciting episodes of a century of Massachusetts history. The debates about the Half-Way Covenant, the witchcraft madness, disputes about currency and inoculation—all these are adroitly related to the upsetting of the old New England way… There is also a penetrating discussion of how new scientific attitudes affected New England thinking.The Nation

The depth and thoroughness of Miller’s research are matched only by the clarity and wit of his presentation. Few scholars would have had the patience for such an investigation; even fewer could have made their results delightful and absorbing reading.The New York Times Book Review

One of the most exciting histories of ideas so far produced in America.The New Yorker

Here is the second volume of Perry Miller’s monumental study of the New England mind. In massive detail and with a brilliant combination of scholarship and insight, it presents in new perspective the historical process whereby Puritan became Yankee—as part of that larger process whereby the Reformation became the Enlightenment.The Christian Science Monitor

A highly significant study. Anyone interested in American intellectual development will ignore it at his peril.Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

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