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Nonprofits for Hire

The Welfare State in the Age of Contracting

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Publication Date: 03/19/1995


306 pages

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Related Subjects

  • I. The Turn to Nonprofits
    • 1. Contracting for Services in the Welfare State
      • The Scope of Nonprofit Service Organizations
      • Issues for the Welfare State
    • 2. Nonprofit Organizations and Community
      • Nonprofits as Manifestations of Community
      • Community and the Theory of Nonprofit Organizations
      • Toward a Political Explanation of Nonprofit Organizations
      • Three Types of Nonprofit Service Agencies
  • II. The Contracting Regime
    • 3. The Political Economy of Nonprofit Revenues
      • Historical Background
      • Impact at the Service Delivery Level
      • The Reagan Era and a Changing Federal Role
    • 4. Guardians of Community and Issues of Governance
      • Boards of Directors
      • Executive Directors
      • Boards, Executives, and Community
    • 5. Service Providers for the Welfare State
      • Professionalization
      • Deprofessionalization and Government Funding
      • Volunteers and Organizational Capacity
      • The New Street-Level Bureaucrats
    • 6. Services and Clients under Contracting
      • Imperatives of Public and Nonprofit Service Organizations
      • Significance of Differences between Government and Nonprofits
      • Changes in Practices under Contracting
    • 7. Dilemmas of Management in Nonprofit Organizations
      • Understanding the Nonprofit Organization
      • Cash Flow
      • The Dance of Contract Renewal
      • The Question of Goal Succession
  • III. Implications for the Welfare State
    • 8. The New Politics of the Contracting Regime
      • Individual Agencies in the Political Process
      • The Rise of Associations of Nonprofit Providers
      • The Corporatist Politics of the Contracting Regime
      • The Nonprofit Sector under Attack
    • 9. Privatization in Human Services: A Critique
      • Why Does Government Contract with Nonprofit Agencies?
      • Performance Assessment
      • The Irony of Privatization through Contracting
    • 10. Government, Nonprofit Agencies, and the Welfare State
      • Issues of Citizenship
      • Contracting as Symbolic Politics
      • Toward a Balanced Approach to Communal Provision
  • Tables
  • Notes
  • Index

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