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On Intelligence

A Biological Treatise on Intellectual Development, Expanded Edition

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$37.00 • £29.95 • €33.50

ISBN 9780674634565

Publication Date: 09/01/1996


312 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

9 line illustrations, 4 tables


An exciting book as well as an important one… It strikes a fatal blow to the idea that a construct of general intelligence can play an important role in our efforts to understand why people differ in their intellectual abilities.—Michael J. A. Howe, British Journal of Educational Psychology

A very ambitious book… Ceci himself eschews the word intelligence, preferring the term cognitively complex behavior… The efficiency of Ceci’s cognitive processing of all this knowledge is unmatched. Certainly, if we equate intelligence with cognitively complex behavior, whatever Ceci’s own feeling about the term, [this book] is probably the most intelligent book on the topic.—Carmi Schooler, Applied Cognitive Psychology Journal

Densely packed with important information and fascinating insights.—Richard K. Wagner, Merrill-Palmer Quarterly

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