Cover: On the Road to the Wolf’s Lair: German Resistance to Hitler, from Harvard University PressCover: On the Road to the Wolf’s Lair in PAPERBACK

On the Road to the Wolf’s Lair

German Resistance to Hitler

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$20.50 • £16.95 • €18.50

ISBN 9780674636811

Publication Date: 03/15/1999


454 pages

6-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches

11 halftones

Belknap Press


  • Illustrations
  • Preface
  • Introduction: From Collaboration to Resistance
  • The Rejection of Weimar
    • Opposition to Democracy
    • Breaking the Shackles of Versailles
    • The Struggle against Materialism
    • That Perennial “Jewish Question”
  • Establishing the New Order
    • The Collapse of the Republican Regime
    • The Military and the Third Reich
    • The Bureaucracy and the Third Reich
    • The Catholics: Church, Clergy, and National Socialism
    • Protestants: Church, Clergy, and National Socialism
  • The Flowering of the Authoritarian Coalition
    • The Armed Forces under the Hitler Dictatorship
    • Nazi Dominance and Bureaucratic Accomodation
    • The Conflict over Ecclesiastical Autonomy
  • The Beginnings of Resistance
    • Tightening the Totalitarian Grip
    • The Diplomacy of Brinkmanship
    • The March toward Armageddon
  • Between the Threat of Victory and the Danger of Defeat
    • German Successes or Nazi Triumphs?
    • The Moral Dilemmas of Hegemony
    • The Ebbing Tide of Conquest
    • Searching for a Negotiated Peace
  • Death And Transfiguration
    • On the Brink of Redemption
    • A Mortal Failure
    • The Passion of the German Resistance
    • Through Martyrdom to Beatitude
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index
  • Illustrations

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