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Ontogeny and Phylogeny

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$46.50 • £37.95 • €42.00

ISBN 9780674639416

Publication Date: 01/17/1985


520 pages

6 x 9 inches

71 line illustrations

Belknap Press


In Gould’s…new book…Ontogeny and Phylogeny, a scholarly study of the theory of recapitulation, he not only explains scientific theory but comments on science itself, with clarity and wit, simultaneously entertaining and teaching… [This] is a rich book.—James Gorman, The New York Times Book Review

Steven Jay Gould has given us a superb analysis of the use of ontogenetic analogy, the controversies over ontogeny and phylogeny, and the classification of the different processes observable in comparing different ontogenies. His massive book (in each chapter of which there is as much material as in whole books by other writers) is both a historical exposition of the whole subject of ontogeny and phylogeny, and…a fascinating attempt at a functional interpretation of those phylogenetic alterations that involve changes of timing developmental processes in related organisms.—A. J. Cain, Nature

This [is a] fat, handsome book crammed with provocative ideas… Ontogeny and Phylogeny is an important and thoughtful book which will be a valuable source of ideas and controversies for anyone interested in evolutionary or developmental biology.—Matt Cartmill, Science

It is rare indeed to read a new book and recognize it for a classic… Gould has given biologists a new way to see the organisms they study. The result is a major achievement.—S. Rachootin, American Scientist

Gould’s book—pervaded, I should say, with an erudition and felicity of style that make it a delight to read—is a radical work in every sense… It returns one’s attention to the roots of our science—the questions about the great pageant of evolution, the marvelous diversity of form that our theory is meant to explain.—D. Futuyma, Quarterly Review of Biology

A distinguished and pioneering work.—Ernst Mayr

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