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Order without Law

How Neighbors Settle Disputes

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ISBN 9780674641693

Publication Date: 03/15/1994


316 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

2 maps, 10 tables


Related Subjects

  • Introduction
  • I. Shasta County
    • 1. Shasta County and Its Cattle Industry
    • 2. The Politics of Cattle Trespass
    • 3. The Resolution of Cattle-Trespass Disputes
    • 4. Who Pays for Boundary Fences?
    • 5. Disputes Arising out of Highway Collisions Involving Livestock
    • 6. The Effects of Closed-Range Ordinances
  • II. A Theory of Norms
    • 7. The System of Social Control
    • S. Shortcomings of Current Theories of Social Control
    • 9. The Puzzle of Cooperation
    • 10. A Hypothesis of Welfare-Maximizing Norms
    • 11. Substantive Norms: Of Bees, Cattle, and Whales
    • 12. Remedial Norms: Of Carrots and Sticks
    • 13. Procedural and Constitutive Norms: Of Gossip, Ritual, and Hero Worship
    • 14. Controller-Selecting Norms: Of Contracts, Custom, and Photocopies
  • III. The Future of Norms
    • 15. Testing the Content of Norms
    • 16. Conclusions and Implications
  • Appendix: Research Methods
  • Index

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