Cover: Papers of John Adams, Volume 9 and 10 in HARDCOVER

Papers of John Adams, Volume 9 and 10

March–December 1780

  • Volume 9
    • Descriptive List of Illustrations*
    • Introduction
      • 1. Paris and Amsterdam in 1780
      • 2. John Adams and his Letterbooks
      • 3. Notes on Editorial Method
    • Acknowledgments
    • Guide to Editorial Apparatus
      • 1. Textual Devices
      • 2. Adams Family Code Names
      • 3. Descriptive Symbols
      • 4. Location Symbols
      • 5. Other Abbreviations and Conventional Terms
      • 6. Short Titles of Works Frequently Cited
    • Papers of John Adams, March–July 1780
    • * Descriptive List of Illustrations
      • 1. Thomas Attwood Digges, Attributed to Sir Joshua Reynolds, ca. 1775–1781
      • 2. Thomas Pownall, by Henry Cheever Pratt, 1861
      • 3. Map of Paris, 1780
      • 4. Lord George Gordon, 1780
      • 5. “Vergennes’s Snarling, Growling Letters”
      • 6. Joseph Galloway, Etching by Max Rosenthal
  • Volume 10
    • Descriptive List of Illustrations**
    • Papers of John Adams, July–December 1780
    • Appendix: List of Omitted Documents
    • Index
    • ** Descriptive List of Illustrations
      • 1. Titlepage of David Hartley’s “Draught of a Proposed Bill for Conciliation with America,” 27 June 1780
      • 2. Nouvelles Extraordinaires de Divers Endroits, Leyden, Netherlands, 29 August 1780
      • 3. Joan Derk van der Capellen tot den Pol, Engraving of a Detail from a Portrait by J. A. Kaldenbach
      • 4. Titlepage of Pensées sur la Révolution de l’Amérique-Unie, Extraites de l’Ouvrage Anglois, Intitulé Mémoire, Addressé aux Souverains de l’Europe, sur l’État Présent des Affaires de l’Ancien et du Nouveau-Monde, Amsterdam, 1780
      • 5. John Adams’ Commission to Conclude a Treaty of Amity and Commerce with the Netherlands, 29 December 1780

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