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The Price of Aid

The Economic Cold War in India

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  • Introduction: Foreign Aid and Development Politics in India
  • I. Learning Development, 1947–1955
    • 1. Debating Development and Discovering India
    • 2. Inventing Development Aid
  • II. The Heyday of the Economic Cold War, 1955–1966
    • 3. The Geopolitics of Economic Expertise
    • 4. The Aid Project and Cold War Competition
    • 5. “Free Money” and the Tilt toward the West
    • 6. Military Supply and the Vicissitudes of Aid Politics
  • III. The Bitter Fruits of Development Politics, 1960–1974
    • 7. Bets, Bargains, and the Price of American Aid
    • 8. Soviet Aid from Inspiration to Armory
    • 9. India’s Double Crisis and the Price of Aid
  • Conclusion: Development Politics and the Price of Aid
  • Note on Sources
  • Abbreviations
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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