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How the Vertebrate Brain Regulates Behavior

Direct from the Lab

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Publication Date: 05/22/2017


272 pages

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Those interested in a candid view of how excellent science is conducted will be rewarded for their effort.—J. E. Platz, Choice

This book is an authoritative, historical account of our understanding of the brain and behavior, and serves as an important example of how intellectual curiosity drives science forward.—Eric B. Keverne, University of Cambridge

In this highly personal and readable narrative, Donald Pfaff describes how scientists approach and then systematically resolve a biologically significant research question. In this case, the quest is to understand how the vertebrate brain controls a naturally occurring behavior. The book takes the reader through five decades of progress as Pfaff and others focus on a specific hormone-regulated vertebrate behavior, the lordosis reflex, and apply rapidly evolving methods to elucidate the neural circuits and molecular underpinnings of that behavior. Pfaff then goes on to place this simple behavior into the larger context of behaviorally significant brain processes such as arousal, providing insights into broader principles of behavioral regulation.—Anne M. Etgen, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

In this book, Donald Pfaff, a leader in the study of behavioral endocrinology, chronicles the work of his research group over the past 50 years. With great tenacity, Pfaff has focused primarily on the hormonal control of a relatively simple vertebrate behavior, dissecting its control by one step, one neurochemical, and one neuron at a time. This engaging book provides the fascinating background and rationales for each step in the research.—Jeffrey D. Blaustein, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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