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People of the Book

Canon, Meaning, and Authority

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Publication Date: 11/20/1997


208 pages

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  • Introduction: Canonical Text and Text-Centered Community
  • 1. Canon and Meaning
    • The Uses of Canon
    • The Sealed Canon
    • Authority and Sealing
    • The Meaning of the Canonical Text
    • Canon and the Principle of Charity
    • Textual Closure and Hermeneutical Openness
    • Uncharitable Readings of Canons
  • 2. Authority, Controversy, and Tradition
    • Authorial Intention and Authoritative Meaning
    • Canon and Controversy
    • Three Views on Controversy and Tradition
    • From a Flexible Canon to a Closed Code
    • The Institution and the Canon
  • 3. Canon and Curriculum
    • Formative Text
    • The Concept of Torah in “Talmud Torah”
    • The Challengers of Talmudism
    • Codification and Decanonization
    • Esotericism and Censorship
    • Kabbalists and the Talmudic Curriculum
    • Strong Canonicity and Shared Discourse
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix: The Sovereign and the Canon
  • Notes
  • Index

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