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The Philosophy of the Church Fathers

Volume 1: Faith, Trinity, Incarnation, Third Revised Edition

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$115.50 • £92.95 • €104.00

ISBN 9780674665514

Publication Date: 01/01/1970


668 pages


No one can open [The Philosophy of the Church Fathers] at any point without gaining a better understanding of what the fathers were saying in the philosophical language of their times. It is a great book.—Robert M. Grant, Classical Philology

This large and handsome volume will be welcomed as an impressive addition to the study of the Church Fathers and a major contribution to estimating the philosophical presuppositions which underlie their treatment of the problems connected with the Trinity and the Incarnation. Dr. Wolfson comes equipped for his formidable task not only by his knowledge of ancient philosophy but also in particular as the author of a special study of Philo and his influence upon the thought of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.—J. E. L. Oulton, The Journal of Theological Studies

Obviously, no summary can begin to do justice to an encyclopedic work where every word is measured. We have concentrated on one aspect of a work that is at once an indispensable tool for the theologian, philosopher, classicist and historian of ideas.—Gerson D. Cohen, Midstream

The new book of Dr. Wolfson is a welcome contribution to the study of Christian antiquity and of the history of Christian thought. The strength of Dr. Wolfson is in his skilful analysis and his comprehensive erudition. He has a perfect command of the primary sources, and handles them with competence and discretion.—The Very Rev. Georges Florovsky, Religion in Life

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