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Philosophy of Logic

Second Edition

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ISBN 9780674665637

Publication Date: 06/06/1986

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128 pages

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Related Subjects

  • 1. Meaning and Truth
    • Objection to Propositions
    • Propositions as Information
    • Diffuseness of Empirical Meaning
    • Propositions Dismissed
    • Truth and Semantic Ascent
    • Tokens and Eternal Sentences
  • 2. Grammar
    • Grammar by Recursion
    • Categories
    • Immanence and Transcendence
    • Grammarian’s Goal Reexamined
    • Logical Grammar
    • Redundant Devices
    • Names and Functors
    • Lexicon, Particle, and Name
    • Criterion of Lexicon
    • Time, Events, Adverbs
    • Attitudes and Modality
  • 3. Truth
    • Truth and Satisfaction
    • Satisfaction by Sequences
    • Tarski’s Definition of Truth
    • Paradox in the Object Language
    • Resolution in Set Theory
  • 4. Logical Truth
    • In Terms of Structure
    • In Terms of Substitution
    • In Terms of Models
    • Adequacy of Substituteon
    • Saving on Sets
    • In Terms of Proof
    • In Terms of Grammar
  • 5. The Scope of Logic
    • Affinities of Identity
    • Identity Reduced
    • Set Theory
    • Set Theory in Sheep’s Clothing
    • Logic in Wolf’s Clothing
    • Scope of the Virtual Theory
    • Simulated Class Quantification
    • Other Simulated Quantification
    • Annexes
  • 6. Deviant Logic
    • Change of Logic, Change of Subject
    • Logic in Translation
    • Law of Excluded Middle
    • Debate about the Dichotomy
    • Intuitionism
    • Branched Quantifiers
    • Substitutional Quantification
    • Its Strength
  • 7. The Ground of Logical Truth
    • The Semblance of a Theory
    • An Untenable Dualism
    • The Place of Logic
  • For Further Reading
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • W. V. Quine Is Winner of the 1996 Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy
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