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The Physicists

The History of a Scientific Community in Modern America, With a New Preface by the Author

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ISBN 9780674666566

Publication Date: 03/03/1995

Academic Trade

537 pages


  • Preface, 1995: The Death of the Superconducting Super Collider in the Life of American Physics
  • Preface to the First Edition
  • 1. The Many Wants of Science
  • 2. Ennobling and Purifying the Mind
  • 3. The Flaws of American Physics
  • 4. Pure Science and Practical Politics
  • 5. Research and Reform
  • 6. Joining the Revolution
  • 7. A Need for New Patrons
  • 8. “War Should Mean Research”
  • 9. The War Work of the Physicists
  • 10. Cold War in Science
  • 11. The Impact of Quantum Mechanics
  • 12. Popularization and Conservatism
  • 13. Making the Peaks Higher
  • 14. A New Center of Physics
  • 15. Miraculous Year
  • 16. Revolt Against Science
  • 17. The New Deal and Research
  • 18. Recovery in Physics
  • 19. Organizing for Defense
  • 20. A Physicists’ War
  • 21. The Bomb and Postwar Research Policy
  • 22. Victory for Elitism
  • 23. The Physicists Established
  • 24. New Revolt Against Science
  • 25. A Degree of Disestablishment
  • Glossary of Manuscript Citations
  • Acknowledgments
  • Essay on Sources
  • Index

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