Cover: The Poems of Emily Dickinson in HARDCOVER

The Poems of Emily Dickinson

Including Variant Readings Critically Compared with All Known Manuscripts

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$115.00 • £92.95 • €103.50

ISBN 9780674676008

Publication Date: 12/01/1955


1266 pages

12 pages of facmiles

Belknap Press


  • Publisher’s Preface [1955]
  • Acknowledgments
  • Creating the Poems
    • The Poet and the Muse
    • Private Audiences
    • The Poet at Work
  • Editing the Poems: 1890–1945
  • Characteristics of the Handwriting
  • Notes on the Present Text
    • Symbols Used to Identify Manuscripts
    • Symbols Used to Identify Publication
  • Poems 1–1,775
  • Appendix
    • 1. Biographical Sketches of Recipients of Poems
    • 2. Tabulation of Recipients
    • 3. Tabulation of Poems Year by Year
    • 4. Unpublished Poems
    • 5. The Packets by Chronological Arrangement
    • 6. The Packets: The Todd Numbering
    • 7. Poems Duplicated in the Packets
    • 8. Titles of Poems Supplied by Emily Dickinson
    • 9. Poems Published in Emily Dickinson’s Lifetime
    • 10. Chronological Listing of First Publication Elsewhere than in Collections
    • 11. Distribution of Missing Autographs
  • Subject Index
  • Index of First Lines

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