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A Poetics

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$39.00 • £31.95 • €35.00

ISBN 9780674678576

Publication Date: 02/01/1992


240 pages

6 x 9-1/4 inches


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  • State of the Art
  • Artifice of Absorption
  • In the Middle of Modernism in the Middle of Capitalism on the Outskirts of New York
  • Time Out of Motion: Looking Ahead to See Backward
  • Pounding Fascism (Appropriating Ideologies—Mystification, Aestheticization, and Authority in Pound’s Poetic Practice)
  • Play It Again, Pac-Man
  • Professing Stein / Stein Professing
  • Optimism and Critical Excess (Process)
  • Censers of the Unknown—Margins, Dissent, and the Poetic Horizon
  • The Second War and Postmodern Memory
  • Comedy and the Poetics of Political Form
  • Acknowledgments

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