Cover: The Politics Presidents Make in PAPERBACK

The Politics Presidents Make

Leadership from John Adams to Bill Clinton, Revised Edition

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$30.00 • £24.95 • €27.00

ISBN 9780674689374

Publication Date: 03/25/1997


576 pages

6-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches

3 tables

Belknap Press


  • Preface, 1997
  • I. Places in History
    • 1. Rethinking Presidential History
    • 2. Power and Authority
    • 3. Structure and Action
  • II. Recurrent and Emergent Patterns
    • 4. Jeffersonian Leadership: Patrician Prototypes
      • Part One: Thomas Jefferson’s Reconstruction
      • Part Two: James Monroe’s Articulation
      • Part Three: John Quincy Adams’s Disjunction
    • 5. Jacksonian Leadership: Classic Forms
      • Part One: Andrew Jackson’s Reconstruction
      • Part Two: James Polk’s Articulation
      • Part Three: Franklin Pierce’s Disjunction
    • 6. Republican Leadership: Stiffening Crosscurrents
      • Part One: Abraham Lincoln’s Reconstruction
      • Part Two: Theodore Roosevelt’s Articulation
      • Part Three: Herbert Hoover’s Disjunction
    • 7. Liberal Leadership: Fraying Boundaries
      • Part One: Franklin Roosevelt’s Reconstruction
      • Part Two: Lyndon Johnson’s Articulation
      • Part Three: Jimmy Carter’s Disjunction
  • III. The Waning of Political Time
    • 8. Reagan, Bush, and Beyond
  • Afterword
  • Notes
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • 1994 Richard E. Neustadt Best Book Award, Presidents and Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association
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