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Prenatal Diagnosis and Selective Abortion

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  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The Scope of Prenatal Diagnosis
    • Chromosomal abnormalities
    • X-linked abnormalities
    • Metabolic diseases
    • α-foetoprotein and neural tube malformations
    • Multiple tests on amniotic fluid specimens
    • Further developments
  • 3. Effects on the Incidence of Genetic Disease
    • Autosomal recessive conditions
    • Autosomal dominant conditions
    • X-linked abnormalities
    • Chromosome abnormalities
    • ‘Multifactorial’ abnormalities
  • 4. The Question of Ethics
    • Gradations of severity
    • The nose of the camel
    • Concluding remarks
  • Appendices
    • 1. Incidence of gross chromosomal abnormalities in spontaneously aborted foetuses
    • 2. Detection of heterozygotes for the gene determining the Duchenne type of muscular dystrophy
    • 3. Some ‘inborn errors of metabolism’ in which prenatal diagnosis is possible
    • 4. Galactose-I-phosphate uridyl transferase activity in different genotypes
    • 5. Data illustrating the use of α-foetoprotein determinations in amniotic fluid
    • 6. An approximate idea of the reduction in birth incidence of an autosomal recessive abnormality produced by selective abortion
  • References

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