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A Propensity to Self-Subversion

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ISBN 9780674715585

Publication Date: 07/07/1998


264 pages

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In an age when economics (like many other disciplines) is becoming more specialised and inward-looking, Hirschman’s work makes a refreshing change. His wide-ranging essays deal with big themes—the end of the Cold War and economic development, the connection between economics and politics, the role of the market, the benefits and costs of industrialization… All the essays [here] reveal both Hirschman’s focus on deep conceptual issues, and his love of paradox… This book will serve as a reminder than, in addition to the very specialised concerns that increasingly dominate the discipline, there are also important big issues to be addressed, and that there are important things that can and need to be said about them.—Roger E. Backhouse, The Economic Journal

[Hirschman’s is] a lucid mind whose original voice is of enduring importance in our age of narrow specialization.—Aurelian Craiutu, Government and Opposition

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