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Reclaiming American Virtue

The Human Rights Revolution of the 1970s

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Reclaiming American Virtue: The Human Rights Revolution of the 1970s is a vigorous and engaging account of the emergence of the concept and its non-linear journey from lip-serving political piety to an integral, if contradictory, component of the foreign policy of the U.S.—Marilyn B. Young, Times Higher Eeducation

An accessible, searching study of an idea that seems to have been forgotten in favor of the steely, cost-cutting pragmatism of today.Kirkus Reviews

This timely, well-reasoned study demonstrates why Americans from across the political spectrum embraced international human rights as a foreign policy goal.Publishers Weekly

A genuine masterpiece of the historian’s craft, Reclaiming American Virtue shows how human rights were a tonic for the country’s self-confidence. America’s fusion of moral principle and global violence in today’s world no longer looks the same after this revelatory book.—Samuel Moyn, author of The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History

The most comprehensive account of a central issue of U.S. foreign policy during an exceptionally important decade, Reclaiming American Virtue is clearly a major achievement.—Lars Schoultz, author of Beneath the United States: A History of U.S. Policy toward Latin America

Today, human rights and global interdependence are accepted as an essential basis for national and international affairs. Barbara Keys shows precisely when, where, and how this complete reconceptualization of America’s role in the world came about. A major contribution to the growing body of literature in human rights history.—Akira Iriye, editor of Global Interdependence: The World after 1945

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