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Enlightenment and Revolution

The Making of Modern Greece

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Just as [Franco] Venturi did for the Italian peninsula, Kitromilides examines the reception and influence of Enlightenment ideas in the Greek-speaking world… The book is valuable in drawing hitherto little-known Greek sources to the attention of an anglophone audience, and it makes a worthwhile contribution to the wider debates.—Rachel Hammersley, The Times Literary Supplement

It would probably come as a surprise to most readers in Europe and America that the Enlightenment spread all the way to Greece in the eighteenth century and spawned revolutionary movements in support of democracy and the rights of man… Kitromilides, more than anyone since [Constantin] Dimaras, has now given this history the exposure it has long deserved… No one is better qualified than Kitromilides to write this kaleidoscopic and tumultuous narrative. He writes as a political scientist, a historian, and a Greek. Despite his subtitle, The Making of Modern Greece, his book is a powerful indictment of the failure of liberalism in his country, as the process of enlightenment finally came undone in the nineteenth century. Whether or not this failure can explain, as Kitromilides hopes it might, the catastrophic deterioration of the Greek political system in the twenty-first century is by no means clear. But it is with a rare combination of passion and erudition that he is moved to lament the end of the New Democracy that Constantine Karamanlis brought to Greece after the nightmare of military dictatorship between 1967 and 1974.—G.W. Bowersock, The New Republic

A masterly overview of the reception and development of the Enlightenment in the Greek world and diasporas, under the Ottoman occupation, through the struggle for liberation, and during the establishment of the modern Greek state.—Ioannis D. Evrigenis, Tufts University

A masterly survey all the more valuable in that it genuinely fills a yawning gap, nothing of the sort, providing a general picture of the Greek Enlightenment, having been available before.—Jonathan Israel, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Kitromilides is the preeminent scholar in the field of eighteenth-century Greek history and politics, and more generally one of the world’s leading authorities on political thought and the European Enlightenment. Enlightenment and Revolution clearly constitutes his magnum opus, brilliantly summing up his extraordinary erudition concerning the Enlightenment and Greek political ideas, and providing a definitive history of the intellectual emergence of modern Greece.—Larry Wolff, New York University

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