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Harvard Historical Studies 183

Age of Entanglement

German and Indian Intellectuals across Empire

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Harvard Historical Studies


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Age of Entanglement is a superb and enriching work of intellectual history, presenting larger contexts, perceptions and connections to the understanding of European Germany and colonial‐nationalist India.—B. Surendra Rao, The Hindu

Age of Entanglement is a brilliantly original story of the revolt of Indian and German intellectuals against the old world of the Pax Britannica. It is much more than a study of South Asian and European history. It is a landmark work in the emerging field of global intellectual history—a remarkable achievement.—David Motadel, Literary Review

This magnificent history of intellectual exchange between India and Germany is valuable for many reasons. It redresses an odd imbalance in thinking about the influences that shaped Indian intellectual life and institutions in the early 20th century. As Manjapra demonstrates, German intellectual life was not only a major source of influence across almost all the disciplines in modern India; it also provided a different context for Indian and European dialogue outside the context of Empire… This deeply researched, well written, erudite book is rich in the kind of telling detail that far transcends the interest of the central argument… Its treatment of individual texts and thinkers is always pithy and precise; its eye for institutional detail sets it apart from conventional intellectual histories. It is an impressive achievement that once again reminds you of the complexities that go into the making of intellectual cultures. It is an important book in the rediscovery of the history of modern Indian intellectual life.—Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Indian Express

Manjapra very carefully and expertly opens a window into two past struggles against hegemony, in Germany and India, struggles that were geographically separated but intellectually attached… [An] excellent work… The book should strongly appeal to a wide range of academic and nonacademic readers, and may be of particular interest to those studying world history, geopolitics, post-colonialism and development.—Ankit Kumar, LSE Review of Books

A superb piece of global intellectual history that moves well beyond the boundaries of Europe and the British Empire. Manjapra shows that the imagination of German thinkers was never confined to Europe, and that Indian intellectuals were possessed of a global vision that transcended imperial boundaries. Age of Entanglement paves the way for a new kind of history of ideas.—Sunil Amrith, author of Crossing the Bay of Bengal: The Furies of Nature and the Fortunes of Migrants

A bold and fascinating work. Manjapra moves decidedly and elegantly beyond conventional frameworks by writing a truly global history of intellectual exchange between Germany and India. Age of Entanglement is an ambitious and convincing account of the ways in which both sides were linked to—and enabled and constrained by—the structures and politics of empire.—Sebastian Conrad, author of German Colonialism: A Short History

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