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Having the World in View

Essays on Kant, Hegel, and Sellars

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ISBN 9780674725805

Publication Date: 09/02/2013


304 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


  • Preface
  • I. Sellars, Kant, and Intentionality
    • 1. Sellars on Perceptual Experience
    • 2. The Logical Form of an Intuition
    • 3. Intentionality as a Relation
  • II. Kantian Themes in Hegel and Sellars
    • 4. Hegel’s Idealism as Radicalization of Kant
    • 5. Self-Determining Subjectivity and External Constraint
    • 6. Sensory Consciousness in Kant and Sellars
    • 7. Conceptual Capacities in Perception
  • III. Reading Hegel
    • 8. The Apperceptive I and the Empirical Self: Towards a Heterodox Reading of “Lordship and Bondage” in Hegel’s Phenomenology
    • 9. Towards a Reading of Hegel on Action in the “Reason” Chapter of the Phenomenology
    • 10. On Pippin’s Postscript
  • IV. Sellarsian Themes
    • 11. The Constitutive Ideal of Rationality: Davidson and Sellars
    • 12. Why Is Sellars’s Essay Called “Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind”?
    • 13. Sellars’s Thomism
    • 14. Avoiding the Myth of the Given
  • Bibliography
  • Credits
  • Index

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