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Stranger Magic

Charmed States and the Arabian Nights

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$25.00 • £21.95 • €22.95

ISBN 9780674725850

Publication Date: 11/18/2013


560 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

25 color illustrations, 55 halftones (Two 8-pg color inserts, b&w scattered)

Belknap Press

Not for sale in the UK, Commonwealth, Europe, and the Indian Subcontinent

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  • A Note on the Text
  • List of Illustrations
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Part I. Solomon the Wise King
    • Story: The Fisherman and the Genie
    • 1. Master of Jinn
    • Story: The City of Brass
    • 2. Riding the Wind: The Flying Carpet I
    • Story: Prince Ahmed and Fairy Peri Banou
    • 3. A Tapestry of Great Price: The Flying Carpet II
  • Part II. Dark Arts; Strange Gods
    • Story: The Prince of the Black Islands
    • 4. The Worst Witch
    • 5. Egyptian Attitudes
    • Story: Hasan of Basra
    • 6. Magians and Dervishes
    • Story: A Fortune Regained
    • 7. Dream Knowledge
  • Part III. Active Goods
    • 8. ‘Everything You Desire to Know about the East…’
    • Story: The Greek King and Doctor Douban
    • 9. The Thing-World of the Arabian Nights
    • Story: Abu Mohammed the Lazy
    • 10. The Word of the Talisman
    • Story: Marouf the Cobbler
    • 11. The Voice of the Toy
    • 12. Money Talks
  • Part IV. Oriental Masquerades
    • 13. Magnificent Moustaches: Hamilton’s Fooling, Voltaire’s Impersonations
    • Story: Rosebud and Uns al-Wujud the Darling Boy
    • Story: The Jinniya and the Egyptian Prince
    • 14. ‘Symbols of Wonder’: William Beckford’s Arabesque
    • 15. Oriental Masquerade: Goethe’s West-Eastern Divan
  • Part V. Flights of Reason
    • Story: Camar al-Zaman and Princess Badoura
    • 16. Thought Experiments: Flight before Flight
    • 17. Why Aladdin?
    • 18. Machine Dreams
    • Story: The Ebony Horse
    • 19. The Shadows of Lotte Reiniger
    • Story: Aladdin of the Beautiful Moles
    • 20. The Couch: A Case History
    • Story: Prince Ardashir and Hayat al-Nufus
  • Conclusion: ‘All the story of the night told over…’
  • Glossary
  • Abbreviations
  • The Stories
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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