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Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series 89

Cherishing Antiquity

The Cultural Construction of an Ancient Chinese Kingdom

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Publication Date: 11/18/2013


  • List of Figures and Tables
  • Acknowledgments
    • Introduction
  • Part One: The Kingdom of Wu
    • 1. The Royal House of Wu
      • The Early History of the Kingdom of Wu
      • The Rule of King Zhufan and His Brothers
      • Prince Jizha’s Embassies
      • The Prince and the Sword
      • The Funeral of Prince Jizha’s Son
      • Prince Jizha and the Fur-Coated Elder
    • 2. The Last Kings of Wu
      • The Reign of King Liao of Wu
      • The Assassination of King Liao of Wu
      • The Campaigns against Chu
      • The Death of King Helü
      • The Conquest of Yue
      • The Battle of Ailing
      • The Death of Wu Zixu
      • The Beauty Xi Shi
      • The Covenant at Huangchi
      • The Death of King Fuchai of Wu
    • 3. Reflections on the Royal House of Wu
      • The Wu Royal House in Ancient Chinese Texts
      • The Wu Royal House in Bronze Inscriptions
      • The Wu Royal House in Modern Scholarship
      • Eastern Han Pictorial Mirrors
      • Mirror Manufacturing in Han Dynasty Jiangnan
      • Iconography of Eastern Han Dynasty Mirrors
      • Representing the Royal House of Wu
  • Part Two: Case Studies
    • 4. Commemorating Master Ji of Yanling
      • The Tomb of Prince Jizha of Wu
      • The Temple to Prince Jizha
      • The 1503 Restoration
      • The Late Imperial History of the Temple
      • The Ten-Character Stele
      • Re-carving the Ten-Character Stele
      • The Temple to Prince Jizha at Jiujinfeng
      • Other Temples and Shrines Dedicated to Prince Jizha
      • Conclusion
    • 5. The Tomb at Tiger Hill
      • The Burial of King Helü of Wu
      • Tiger Hill in Imperial Era Gazetteers
      • The Baicheng yanshui Account
      • The 1767 Gazetteer for Tiger Hill
      • Robbing the Tomb at Tiger Hill
      • The First Emperor of China Attempts to Rob the Tomb
      • Song Dynasty Investigations of the Tomb
      • The Ming Dynasty Drought
      • Conclusion
    • 6. Numinous Cliff and Gusu Tower
      • Numinous Cliff Mountain
      • Numinous Cliff Temple
      • Numinous Cliff in Ming and Qing Dynasty Gazetteers
      • Qing Imperial Visits to Numinous Cliff Temple
      • Gusu Tower
      • Endgame at the Gusu Tower
      • The Gusu Tower Lives On
      • Gusu Station and the New Gusu Tower
      • Conclusion
    • Afterword: Wu in the Modern World
      • City Walls and Gates
      • Roads and Canals
      • Houses and Gardens
      • Temples
      • The Tomb and Temple of Prince Jizha of Wu
      • Tiger Hill
      • Numinous Cliff
  • Works Cited
  • Index

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