Cover: Tides in English Taste (1619-1800): A Background for the Study of Literature, Volume 1, from Harvard University PressCover: Tides in English Taste (1619-1800): A Background for the Study of Literature, Volume 1 in E-DITION

Tides in English Taste (1619-1800): A Background for the Study of Literature, Volume 1

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Publication Date: 01/01/1937

269 pages


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  • Volume I
    • Introduction. The Waywardness of Elizabethan Classicism
    • I. The New Vision of Order
      • I. Palladio and Inigo Jones
      • II. John Evelyn and the Changing Architecture
      • III. The Modernization of Ancient Houses
    • II. The Building Mania of the Eighteenth Century
    • III. The Reflection of Architectural Ideas in Letters
      • I. Poets, Prose Writers, and Book Illustrators
      • II. Shaftesbury and the Censors of Laughter
    • IV. Satiric Criticism of Classical Architecture
    • V. The Revolution in Garden Design
    • VI. The Prospect, the Flower Garden, and the Stage Garden in the Seventeenth Century
    • VII. The Formal Garden in the Age of Discipline
    • VIII. Town Planning in the Age of Discipline
    • IX. Europe’s Discovery of the Far East
    • X. The Invasion of England by Oriental Art
      • I. Porcelain
      • II. Lacquer
      • III. Wallpaper
      • IV. Furniture
    • XI. The Rivalry Between Indian Chintz and English Textiles
    • XII. Classical Criticism of Oriental Art
    • Notes
  • Volume II
    • XIII. The Influence of the Far East Upon Literature
      • I. The Indian Contribution
      • II. The Chinese Contribution
    • XIV. The Challenge of the Middle Ages
      • I. The Persisting Interest in Gothic Architecture before Walpole
      • II. Strawberry Hill, Vauxhall, and Chippendale’s Furniture
    • XV. Classical Criticism of “Gothic Taste”
    • XVI. The Challenge of the Rococo
    • XVII. The Second Revolution in Garden Design
      • I. Experiments in Naturalism
      • II. The Painter and the Gardener
    • XVIII. The Artifice of the Natural Garden
    • XIX. The Sentimental Vagaries of the Furor Hortensis
    • XX. Literary Allusions to the Garden
    • XXI. The Emergence of the Tourist
    • XXII. Hostile Criticism of the Natural Garden
    • XXIII. The Resurgence of the Classic
    • Notes
    • Index

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